36 hours Akhand Diya
Akhand Diya

Akhand Diya Made of Borosilicate Glass. (36 Hours)

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  • Shree Collection offers you Pooja Akhand Diya made by Borosilicate Glass. It is Ideal for creating a calm and meditative atmosphere in your puja room.
  • Diya is a great choice for personal use and also can be used as a gift. It does not get hot even after long hours of repeated burning has increased clarity and emits brighter light due to the high quality of the glass.
  • It will burn long hours even after repeated usage. The Diya is designed to allow easy cleaning and refilling of oil and has an economical cost of burning per hour.
  • It is safer than an open-flamed Diya and can be used even when the fan is on.
  • 100% Safe delivery with best quality shipping material.
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Free Shipping Damage-free delivery Secure Payment

Customer Reviews

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Harender Sheoran

Akhand Diya Made of Borosilicate Glass. (36 Hours)

Diya is great but manual attention is needed

Best part is it looks elegant and compact. The challenges are charring of wick and falling into oil, wick to be moved up every 5 hours, outer container gets charred by smoke as wick height cannot be precise 90% of time.

The outer cover needs to be 2_3 inches higher, may be need a v shaped tool to move wick up

Sizes differed and does not stay

I ordered two sizes, 8 hrs and 24 hours one. The one 8 hrs hardly stays for 4 hrs and 24 hrs one hardly lasting for 11 hrs. I assumed that product sizes were delivered wrong or smaller so contacted customer service over Watsap since phone cal one nobody reaponded. I was told that sizes are correct and issue is due to cotton wig. :( how can estimated 24 hours last around 11 hours .

Stunning Akhand Diya

It is so delicately made and it looks absolutely stunning when it is lit. I Love that I can use it for special occasions.

Sumana Thakur
Impressive Akhand Diya

I was surprised at how long this diya burns for. I was expecting it to burn out for a few hours, but it actually lasted for a full 36 hours. I am very impressed with the quality of this Akhand diya